12, Apr 2024
Choosing a Gemstones Supplier


A STARLANKA is a business that sells precious or semi-precious gemstones to jewelry manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses that make jewellery. These businesses buy the gemstones at wholesale prices from gem dealers, cutting factories, or other wholesalers and then sell them to their customers at a markup. Some of these businesses also offer services like grading and identification, polishing, and cutting. Gemstones are sold in a variety of colours, sizes, and qualities.

Finding a reputable stone supplier is essential for ensuring quality and ethical sourcing. Fortunately, there are now many options available to consumers seeking traceable and transparent supply chains that align with their values.

Wholesale Gemstones Supplier: Bulk Options for Your Business Needs

Some of the largest wholesale gemstone markets in the world include Jaipur, India; Hong Kong, China; and New York City, USA. These markets are well-known for their large selection of high-quality gemstones and their skilled workers. They also have established infrastructure for trading and transportation, making them easy to access for buyers from around the globe.

Whether a retailer is purchasing their gems directly from a wholesaler or through an online marketplace, it is important for them to consider the origin of the stones they are buying. It is important to choose a stone supplier who can demonstrate their transparency and traceability by providing images from the mines, disclosure certificates, mining licenses, and more. In addition, it is important to ask the supplier about their sourcing policies and practices, including their commitment to fair wages and labor rights for their workers.

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