13, Apr 2024
The Better Way to Buy – Finding a Buyers Agent That Works For You

Whether you’re an investment property buyer or buying your first home, Buyers Agent In Melbourne agent to act as your buyers advocate and work solely in your interests is a must. With property market complexities and the ever-changing property landscape, it’s important to have someone you can trust on your side to ensure you’re making smart property decisions and purchasing the best properties to achieve your long term goals.

In their role as a professional buyers agent, Miriam Sandkuhler (also known as Property Mavens) and her team offer clients expert advice, buyer advocacy and auction bidding services that can save them time, stress and money when purchasing property in Melbourne. The team is made up of a diverse group of highly experienced and qualified individuals who have a passion for providing exceptional service that is driven by integrity and a desire to make a difference in the real estate industry.

Finding Your Dream Home: Buyers Agent Services in Melbourne

After over 20 years in the property industry as successful sales agents, they both realised that whilst there was a sense of achievement in selling properties to appreciative sellers, it didn’t give them the same satisfaction as securing a first homebuyer or investor their dream property and helping them realise their financial goals. It was this desire that led them to create a buyer’s agency that puts the needs of their clients first and provides honest, tailored property advice and expert representation that makes a difference. This is what they call ‘the better way to buy’.

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