12, Jan 2024
What to Expect From Invisalign

Invisalign is a great way to fix crooked teeth and close gaps, but it’s important to have realistic expectations about what the process can do for your smile. For starters, your Invisalign results won’t look exactly like the before and after pictures that you see on your provider’s website. However, you should expect your teeth to be a lot straighter than when you started treatment.

How long does it take for Invisalign to feel normal?

You’ll also have to make certain lifestyle changes, such as brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing regularly, in order to keep your Invisalign results looking their best. While the clear plastic aligners are comfortable to wear, you may experience some discomfort for a few days after starting your new orthodontic regimen.

Regardless of your dental hygiene habits, your Invisalign treatment should only take 12 to 18 months for you to finish, depending on the complexity of your case. Your dentist or orthodontist will give you a specific timeline when you get your initial treatment plan, but you can speed up the process by being diligent about wearing your aligners for 22+ hours every day and visiting the doctor for check-ups.

Unlike home systems that allow you to straighten your own teeth without an orthodontist, Invisalign is designed by orthodontists who have advanced education in the movement of teeth and correction of bites. This means that your Invisalign treatment will be more effective than a DIY system, which can lead to uneven results and even worse bite problems. In addition, many insurance companies offer coverage for Invisalign, which can reduce your out of pocket expenses.

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