16, Jan 2024
Why Choose a Garden Office?

A Garden office gives you a comfortable work space that’s completely your own. It can be a great way to improve your work-life balance and boost productivity. Plus, you’ll enjoy working in a well-lit environment with natural greenery and plenty of opportunities for exercise during breaks, which can help to reduce stress.Resource : www.outdoorbuildinggroup.co.uk

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Having an office separate from your house also helps keep work and family life apart. Kids running in and out of the house can cause distractions and could even accidentally doodle on important documents, but with a garden office that’s not a problem. Once your work is done, you can lock the door and relax in your own personal space.

All our garden offices are fully insulated so you can work from home in all weathers and stay cosy all year round. You can also choose from a range of paint colours, roof styles and cladding options to create a stylish home workspace that perfectly suits your style.

We recommend using high-quality materials to ensure the building will last. This is especially important for outdoor structures, as they can be exposed to a lot of wear and tear, especially when used as an office space. We use larch and Douglas fir timber as they are grown in the UK, which makes them strong and durable. For added longevity, we can also incorporate Accoya or Kebony timber – these are treated to provide increased stability and reduced movement, giving your garden office a longer lifespan.

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